Location is not destiny.

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in the global business climate.

We are looking for startups of idea or early stage.

Whatever your idea or whatever stage your startup is, you are very welcomed in Arctern.

By submitting your pitch deck, you can open the gate of a new world, full of opportunities.

Arctern also has an NGO Partnership Program.

Arctern’s Social Ventures Summits, first of which is to be organized in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, in 2022,

provides an ideal opportunity for you to present your startup as a solution to the most prominent local problems.

We will act as your strategic supporters, to make you feel the justified pride of making the world a more beautiful place.

Fast fundraising with

large investment network.

The opportunities are countless.

How does it work?
Step 1: Meet new partners We help you find partners, and move your startup from idea stage to early seed investment
Step 2: Reach new audiences We help you to secure late seed investment, with a minimum amount of USD 500,000
Step 3: Be known globally We help you to expand or move your operation into global markets
Local Partnership Program
  • Representation in a startup summit
  • CXO to work for your startup full-time
  • Globally acclaimed mentors upon request
  • Marketing service from idea to Series A
  • FREE (No monetary payment)
Global Partnership Program
  • In addition to Local Partnership Program:
  • Exposure to investors in 90 countries
  • Expansion into global markets
  • Possibility of growing on global scale
  • Residency in Canada or another country
Skywolf Program
  • In addition to Global Partnership Program:
  • Exposure to global investors in idea stage
  • Representation in 5-10 startup summits
  • Promotion to governments and VC funds
  • Faster fundraising process

Industry: Startups from all sectors are accepted
Country: Startups from all countries are accepted
Stage: From idea stage to late seed stage (both included)

Fill the form and attach your pitch deck (10-12 slides PowerPoint presentation). Applications will be ignored if there is no pitch deck or it is not prepared based on our guidelines.

• Number of slides is between 10 - 12, excluding cover page
• Concise and readable. Portion of text should not be too much
• Functional. It should focus on providing the message clearly instead of having excellent design


1st slide: Company (or project if it is not incorporated)
2nd slide: Founder and Team
3rd slide: Product or Service 
4th slide: Service and Competitors
5th slide: Main Problem
6th slide: Competitive Advantage
7th slide: Target Market
8th slide: SWOT Analysis
9th slide: Implementation Strategy
10th slide: Revenue Forecasts
11th slide: Your Offer 

You can merge 2 slides or add another one. Number of slides should not be less than 10 or more than 12.

No. 67% of our startups operate in their own countries. 

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