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Arctern Social Responsibility Program

With this special program, we aim to increase quality of life in local societies. We are developing self sustainable projects for this purpose. Some projects can be applicable nation-wide, such as Yamaska Capital. This startup aims to render a mid-sized economy highly resilient against all financial crises. On the other hand, some projects are developed to improve living conditions of a very small society, such as a village in Nepal.

Selected projects will be presented to governments, NGOs and other interested parties in Arctern Social Venture Summits in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Approved projects will be funded through our Global Entrepreneurship Program. Because we don’t require government support or any other external funding, we hope to create the world’s biggest and most efficient social venture hub in Kazakhstan and touch people’s lives worldwide, from Nicaragua to Chad.

Let's meet at

Arctern Social Ventures Summit

in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan in June 2022

How does it work?

Step 1: Our ambassadors notify us about a social problem in their respective country.

Step 2: We encourage our community to develop social startup ideas for effective solutions. 

Step 3: We present these startups to entrepreneurs in our biennial conferences in Kazakhstan, first of which will be held in 2022.

Step 4: We endeavor with investors from all over the world to fundraise in a global scale for a permanent solution.  


Turkey had implemented world's most efficient sustainable social and economic development program in 1940. This program was called "Koy Enstituleri" (Village Institutes). In merely 7 years, this program has changed classification of Turkey from "undeveloped country" to a "developing country". This program was so effective that UNESCO recommends this model to developing nations today. In Arctern, we dream of implementing modern version of "Koy Enstituleri", worldwide.

Our ambassador in your country will inform us about a particular problem. Let's say the problem is poor education for children, living in remote areas. The ambassador should speak with experts, NGOs and government officials to send us a report, explaining 

a. the problem
b. origin of the problem
c. reasons why the problem is not solved
d. potential solutions

After that, our social entrepreneurs from all over the world will work on developing a social startup to solve this problem. If our experts are convinced that one of these startups can actually help these children, we will announce it in the closest Arctern Social Venture Summit in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan to local authorities, NGOs and other interested parties. Then, we will try to raise required funding for this project in our regular startup summits.

Please fill the form at this page and provide information about the problem. We consider all requests. It doesn't matter if it is about a subject that affects the whole nation or only a small village.

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