Arctern is a project marketing and management consultancy firm, specialized in innovative startups. We evaluate startups and add promising startups only into our portfolio. However, this evaluation reflects our opinion only. It is not an investment advice. Investors should make their own due diligence before investing in any startup. Arctern cannot be taken responsible for any loss or business failure.

Arctern is not an intermediary. It does not receive any commission from investment deals between startup owners and investors. Arctern employs startup summits as a marketing tool to help startups to raise capital. These summits are organized by local franchisee partners of Arctern. Arctern works as a service provider in these summits only. Investors and startup owners are responsible for complying with applicable law, including securities law.

Becoming a partner in a promising startup may lead to obtain startup visa. Part of our service is to find good startups and help clients to obtain significant equity in them. However, our service is limited to meet startups and people who have entrepreneurial mindset. We do not guarantee that clients will become partners in a startup or obtain startup visa. We can help clients to sell their shares to get their money back in case that their startup visa applications are refused. It is our regular service. It should not be seen as a guarantee for immigration oriented people.

We offer standardized investment terms for startups that we present in startup summits. They are suggestions only. Startup owners and investors can negotiate terms at their own discretion. Arctern is not responsible for investment deals. Arctern can negotiate loans, jobs and/or investment terms on behalf of its clients upon request without offering any guarantee.
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