Do you have

entrepreneurial spirit?

Join us to realize your dream

What we offer:

1. Guaranteed job as partner of a well-funded startup business in global markets

2. Preparatory course for those who don't have prior entrepreneurial / managerial experience

3. Several risk management mechanisms for your investment to hedge (reduce or eliminate) your financial risks

4. High living standards for you and your family in one of 10 developed countries from Canada and UK to EU and Singapore

Easy access to

developed countries

for business-oriented people

How does it work?
Step 1: Take the course (optional). If you don't have prior business experience, register for a preparatory course. Skip this stage if you don't need it.
Step 2: Become an entrepreneur. We will find idea stage startups based on your preferences, evaluate them and introduce most promising ones to you.
Step 3: Make profit at home country. We will work on increasing company valuation of your startup by raising capital and validating its business model.
Step 4: Get success in Canada. We will present your startup to Canadian investors so that you can move to Canada and operate your business there.
Local Partnership Program
  • Low cost business opportunities
  • Possibility of managing business risk
  • Preparatory entrepreneurship course
  • Support from local industry experts
  • Exposure to regional investors
Global Partnership Program
  • In addition to Local Partnership Program:
  • Support from global industry experts
  • Exposure to investors in 90 countries
  • Guaranteed job as partner of a company
  • Residency in one of countries at right
Available Countries
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

If you prefer to settle in a developed country through our global partnership program, there are several requirements. Fortunately, most of them are related to quality of the startup business. We provide services to satisfy them. Individual conditions are easy to met because it is business visa: secondary school diploma and good character (no criminal record) are enough in most cases. The client should learn English in intermediate level in 18 months if s/he doesn't know it already.

No. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, we help you to establish a startup or join one of them. 

There are different options. Some options offer 100% guarantee (payment after visa), some offer collateral based money back mechanisms, some offer risk management techniques. You will be informed about these options during initial consultancy. 

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