Arctern is neither an intermediary nor a mere business incubator. It is project management, consultancy and marketing company, specialized in early stage startups.

Services for Startups:
• to form experienced management team
• to prepare initial documents (business plan, pitch deck, etc.)
• to present them in international venture summits
• to assist them to find investment from regional investors
• to promote them to global investors
• to facilitate their entry to global markets 

Services for Entrepreneurs:
• to help them to join to a startup or establish their own
• to provide above mentioned services to their startups
• to help them to settle in developed countries as partners of high-growth funded startups
• to provide risk management mechanisms 

If you prefer to settle in a developed country through our global partnership program, there are several requirements. Fortunately, most of them are related to quality of the startup business. We provide services to satisfy them. Individual conditions are easy to met because it is business visa: secondary school diploma and good character (no criminal record) are enough in most cases. The client should learn English in intermediate level in 18 months if s/he doesn't know it already.

Fill the form at the page of "Entrepreneur". We will send you eligibility requirements and guidelines. If you are interested, take consultancy session (250 USD). We will provide you detailed information about startups, startup visa, procedure and guarantees.

No. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, we help you to establish a startup or join one of them. 

There are different options. Some options offer 100% guarantee (payment after visa), some offer collateral based money back mechanisms, some offer risk management techniques. You will be informed about these options during initial consultancy. 

We have different services for different budgets. There is a DIY option that costs between 500 USD and 2000 USD; full service options with risk management features between 7500 USD and 30,000 USD; premium options between 50,000 USD and 300,000 USD and guaranteed options, starting from 500,000 USD. 

The best way to find out best option based on your budget and expectation is to get consultancy

There are 2 principle reasons:

• "Arctern Global Entrepreneurship Program" is based on a sophisticated venture capital process. The client must understand business risks, how we manage them, venture capital law and other related matters. We cannot accept clients before s/he understands all aspects of the procedure

• We receive hundreds of applications from all corners of the world everyday. We cannot offer free consultation to everyone. 

Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, UK

Accepting credit card payments from more than 100 developing countries is extremely complicated. Therefore, we prefer to receive payments through wire transfer only for now.  

Bank account number is available here

Program fees are payable to our local offices in your country. You can see our current locations at "Contact"

You can request Arctern for opening an office in your country. If you do, we will open registration. When there are 10 confirmed clients from your country, we will establish an office there in 2-3 months.

Industry: Startups from all sectors are accepted
Country: Startups from all countries are accepted
Stage: From idea stage to late seed stage (both included)

Fill the form and attach your pitch deck (10-12 slides PowerPoint presentation). Applications will be ignored if there is no pitch deck or it is not prepared based on our guidelines.

• Number of slides is between 10 - 12, excluding cover page
• Concise and readable. Portion of text should not be too much
• Functional. It should focus on providing the message clearly instead of having excellent design


1st slide: Company (or project if it is not incorporated)
2nd slide: Founder and Team
3rd slide: Product or Service 
4th slide: Service and Competitors
5th slide: Main Problem
6th slide: Competitive Advantage
7th slide: Target Market
8th slide: SWOT Analysis
9th slide: Implementation Strategy
10th slide: Revenue Forecasts
11th slide: Your Offer 

You can merge 2 slides or add another one. Number of slides should not be less than 10 or more than 12.

No. 67% of our startups operate in their own countries. 

Turkey had implemented world's most efficient sustainable social and economic development program in 1940. This program was called "Koy Enstituleri" (Village Institutes). In merely 7 years, this program has changed classification of Turkey from "undeveloped country" to a "developing country". This program was so effective that UNESCO recommends this model to developing nations today. In Arctern, we dream of implementing modern version of "Koy Enstituleri", worldwide.

Our ambassador in your country will inform us about a particular problem. Let's say the problem is poor education for children, living in remote areas. The ambassador should speak with experts, NGOs and government officials to send us a report, explaining 

a. the problem
b. origin of the problem
c. reasons why the problem is not solved
d. potential solutions

After that, our social entrepreneurs from all over the world will work on developing a social startup to solve this problem. If our experts are convinced that one of these startups can actually help these children, we will announce it in the closest Arctern Social Venture Summit in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan to local authorities, NGOs and other interested parties. Then, we will try to raise required funding for this project in our regular startup summits.

Please fill the form at this page and provide information about the problem. We consider all requests. It doesn't matter if it is about a subject that affects the whole nation or only a small village.

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